Bonnie Price LMT
Specializing in Relaxation and Pain Management

Policies and Procedures

  • All clients new and old are required to fill out a one time, updated, full intake form, which will be sent by email, filled out, and returned via email
  • All clients must sign COVID related informed consent and release form
  • Upon arrival the client will text the therapist and will wait in the car until the therapist is ready to take you in. The door will stay locked at all times and waiting area is closed to help minimize contact with others
  • Before a client is allowed into the building the therapist will check their temperature using a touch less thermometer, if the client has a temperature of 100.4 or over they will not be allowed in
  • Before being allowed to enter client must be wearing a face mask or approved facial covering, the mask will remain on at all times
  • Before being allowed to enter client must remove and dispose of any gloves they are wearing and will be asked to use hand sanitizer
  • A short COVID-19 specific intake form will be filled out before each session, if the client shows any signs of illness or COVID related symptoms they will need to reschedule the appointment
  • During the session clients are required to keep mask/approved facial covering on at all times, therapists are required to wear a face mask 
  • The CDC suggests that COVID-19 infected respiratory droplets can be dispersed when people talk. For this reason, talking is limited to communication about pressure, warmth, and comfort during the treatment
  • After the treatment has ended clients will be asked to get dressed and remain in the treatment room until the therapist returns. Payment and rescheduling will be done in treatment room to reduce risk of contact with others
  • I encourage clients to pay through debit or credit cards, or online. Cash will still be accepted
  • Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer before being allowed to leave treatment room and pass through common areas. 
  • Hand washing and proper hygiene practice signs will be posted in restrooms, so please take note of them and adhere to the guidelines
  • We are doing our best to ensure the least amount of contact with other clients and therapists, but we ask that if others are present in the building to practice social distancing of 6 feet or more between each person.
  • Due to social distancing rules we will not be performing couples treatments at this time, all treatments are to be one-on-one
  • Appointments must be booked at least 1 hour apart to ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing of the table and treatment area, therefore back to back appointments will no longer be available
  • At this time out-patient treatments are prohibited by law and will not be available until further notice (house calls, chair massage events, Corporate massage) I apologize for any inconvenience! 
  • While information is still limited, the CDC indicates that certain underlying conditions place people at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, and therefore are recommending these people forgo massage at this time. The conditions listed are : People 65 years or older, Chronic lung disease, Moderate to severe asthma, Heart conditions, Compromised or suppressed immunity, Diabetes, Chronic kidney disease, and Liver disease. I'm asking that my clients understand the risks and take this information into consideration when booking appointments.
  • Due to extra equipment, new laundering prices, and disposable items that must be purchased regularly, I will not be honoring the rebook discount prices, or student discount at this time, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience! 
  • For booking appointments a credit card number and information will be taken at time of booking, if client fails to give proper notice of cancelation or does not show for appointment 50% of the treatment total will be charged. If it is a Groupon it will be redeemed at time of booking and they will forfeit the treatment. If paying with a Gift Card 50% of the treatment total will be subtracted from the balance. (see the Welcome page for our Standard Cancelation Policy)